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Mehta or Kamdar (its same family's last name) of Jetpur, (Saurastra, Gujarat ) India. Oneof the world's oldest family trees with authentic genealogies, and their unique influences, connections, and contributions to India's freedom from British government. An important concept to highlight is that the Kamdar family only disagreed politically with the British agenda. We were in fact major traders and were the main agents in the Western States of India for European and North American products and services for at least 200 Years. Once this Kamdar family was involved in the Gandhian movement, they became against using any British products. Evidence of the intensity and tenacity to free India from dependency of British government will be unraveled in this web site.


The World Most Authentic and Government of India operated Gandhi Museum of New Delhi has A our this Copy In the main Lobby Displayed in size of 36x22 photo frame as shown as a Historical Document.
  It was Nagar sheth of Jetpur Shri Nautamlal B. Mehta (Kamdar) who was the first to useand bestow "Mahatma" for Shri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on January 21, 1915 at Kamri Bai School, Jetpur, India. From then on, Gandhiji was known as Mahatma Gandhi. It is commonly believed that Rabindranath Tagore first bestowed the name. However, this is incorrect. Read the original documents about the day Gandhi became Mahatma (Manpatra) by clicking here! Also you will read similar Manpatra was given to Smt Kasturba Gandhi too.  


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Mahatmas Gandhi when first time arrived in England, he used Our Dr. P.J. Mehta address as his address you can read in Gandhiji's handwriting.

He also in same note requested to ship him some spices and Indian grocery.


“This circulation was created in 1971 by my Uncle Mulu Kaka (moolshankar Nautamlal Mehta) this web site is possible because of him. why? Because of him and without his guidance and inspiration to me, I would not have come to know all material you see and read here. Without his unimagined sacrifice for Gandhian living and for mother India. He was jailed four times, took part in Dandi March, Hit on a head in that March. He never accepted any Gandhian pension from Government, although he was offered. He died in 1989; He never married, kept only two pairs of clothes, never worn footwear, and always fought for downtrodden people reading his circulation is a drop in an ocean about who he was... some of his inherited historical material was stolen between 1970-1980. Some 30 letters of Mahatma he gave to Kaka saheb Kalelkar, somehow he never received back and another set of Mahatmas letters were given to Smt Sumati ben Morarjee  (those letters were very personal. Therefore, never given to Gandhi museum) right. Now we are working to get back. Mulukaka lived for Gandhian value. It May be hard to find Gandhian like him. Lots of so-called Gandhian used their connection to send their children to foreign university, worn western dress. Become agents of western companies where this Nautamlal Mehta family maintained thoroughly Vedic Value, and gave up their 300 years of family materials and comfort. They never did anything for gain. They felt that it was a moral duty.”

A member of this family, Shri Chhotalal Mansingh Kamdar, was among the very few Indians to participate in Chicago (USA) World Trade Fair in 1930. Click Here!

Why did America's famous business icon, William Randolph Hearst write letters to Nautamlal Mehta (Kamdar ) in 1907? Click Here

Bhagvanji Narbheram Mehta (Kamdar) was part of the original first 10 members of the Indian National congress since it's inception in 1885.

Read Gandhiji's View and his advice in his letter to Mulshanker Mehta on Marriage whether to marry or not to while fighting for Freedom for India from British

Read here How Mohandas Gandhi become Mahatma Gandhi It Was Nautamlal Mehta Used that term to him. on January 21.1915 . Read Mahatma Gandhi's view on marriage. See photos of Indira Gandhi and Nehru at Manilal Mehta's Home. Guess why American Famous business Icon William Randolph Hearst wrote letters to Nautamlal Mehta-Kamdar. do you want to know connection between Subhaschandra Bose and Kamdar family. Scroll down for some interesting unknown, but authentic and documented info.

Details of Genealogy of Shri Kota Mehta-Kamdar- Family of Jetpur

Kamdars of Jetpur have a unique sect in the Jain religion( stha na k vasi) . This Kota Kamdar family tree is one of the oldest family trees in the World. This clan also has last names such as Domadia and Mehta. Their Kul Devi, the goddess of their clan, is maymai Ma of Thorala which is located 50 miles from Rajkot, Gujarat. This Kamdar Tree is rare, unique, and has one of the longest family trees in the world. It seems like we started using Mehta from the mid-18th century. This Kamdar family have ruled Jetpur for two generations, during Gopaljee and Chatrabhuj's time when the local ruler of the Kathis were de-thronged. Gopaljee Kamdar and Narbheram Kamdar had great influence and power over the British Agency in Bombay and Rajkot British Agency had great respect and trust for Chatrabhuj Kamdar and Gopaljee Kamdar, at that time their recommendation had the power to get release people from death chamber.


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