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Motilal Nehru Signature these on the picture was given to Gowtham Lal Mehta by Motilal Nehru

Click the photo below to know about a unique connection between the Kamdar and Nehru family. This connections are recorded to have started in 1885. Bhagvanji and Nautamlal Kamdar met Motilal Nehru during the formation of the Indian National Congress between 1885 to 1920. of contact with Kamdars.

2nd Generation: Manilal, the son of Nautamlal, and Manilal's wife, Sharda hosted had Nehru and Indira Gandhi at their Rangoon home. This was during their visit to Rangoon. (of 8 days) in 1937.

3rd Generation Pallavi Mehta, seen in the last photo, met Smt Indira Gandhi at Rajkot Airport in 1960.




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