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Kota Kamdar Kamar Kamdar Kadva Kamdar

Megh Kamdar Leva Kamdar Tulsidas Kamdar

Venidas Kamdar Deva Kamdar Bhimji Kamdar

Chatrubhuj Kamdar Gopalji Kamdar (year
could be 1835)
Narbheram Kamdar -
married Gangaben

Bhagvanji W. Jamnaben

Bhagvanji have Two Sons
1. Nautamlal

Bhavanji Have Two daughters
1. Jabak
2. Ganga

 Nautamlal w. Acharat Ba   Chamanlal W.Moti Ba she was one of the first indian woman to go to jail as freedom fighter in 1930 

Nautamlal had 3 Sons.

1. Mailal
2. Mulshankar
3. Vaju

Nautamlal has 6 Daughters.

1. Jaya
2. Kashi
3. Prabha
4. Maya
5. Vanita
6. Lakhi    (Laxmiben)

Jayalakshmi Kashi ben  Manjula ben Prabhaben Lakhi ben
Vanita ben Manilal      
Manilal W. Sharada Mulshankar never married because of involvement in the Gandhian Freedom Movement   Vajubhai never married because of involvement in the Gandhian Freedom Movement

Manilal had Four Sons.

1. Dhirendra
2. Ashok
3. Niranjan
4. Atul

Manilal Had 3 daughters
1. Nalini
2. Jyothi
3. Pallavi

Dhirendra Kumar (far right W. Usha (picture not available    


Ashok(died at age 16) Niranjan W. Veena
Riddhi Mehta daughter of
Niranjan Mehta and Veena Mehta
Anjali Mehta daughter of
Niranjan Mehta and Veena Mehta
Atul W. Alpa Anish Atul Mehta
Anup Atul Mehta 1. Mahatma Gandhi with Nautamlalbhai Kamdar at Kamri Bai School on January 21,1915 2. Indira Gandhi and Jawarharlal Nehru, stayed with Manilal Mehta Kamdar in May 1937 in Rangoon for" seen with Sharda (Amma) & a family members.
3. Gandhiji visiting Mill in Rangoon seen with Manilal Mehta & other Family members. 4. Jawarharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi were received at the airport by Manilal Mehta during their Rangoon trip in May 1937 5. Letters were written to Nautamlal Kamdar in 1907 from America's famous Business Icon William Randolph Hearst of Hearst castle. CA.
6. Kamdar history in Gujarati. A Famous Jain Muni, (Guru) Jethmalji Swami has written about Kamdar Family, and their influence over British through Integrity and Trust. 7. Documentation of how and when Mohandas K. Gandhi became known as the "Mahatma". This is called a Manpatra. Click Here for an English Translation (Jan. 21,1951) 8. This is back side of Mahatma Gandhiji's Manpatra from prominent civilians of Sorath(Jetpur) signed here. in those days age of a person was more important then money.
9. Wife of Mahatma Gandhi, Shrimati Kasturba Gandhi was also given Manpatra in Jetpur on January 21, 1915. 10. Reverse side of Kasturba's Manpatra. Signed by Prominent Lady Personalities of Jetpur. 11. Mahatma Gandhi's Hand written letter to Mulshankar Nautamlal Mehta, (Kamdar) is about him advising him whether to marry or not to marry while fighting for Freedom for India from British.
12. Click the photo above to know about a unique connection between the Kamdar and Nehru family. This connections are recorded to have started in 1885. Bhagvanji and Nautamlal Kamdar met Motilal Nehru during the formation of the Indian National Congress between 1885 to 1920. of contact with Kamdars. 2nd Generation: Manilal, the son of Nautamlal, and Manilal's wife, Sharda hosted had Nehru and Indira Gandhi at their Rangoon home. This was during their visit to Rangoon. (of 8 days) in 1937. 3rd Generation Pallavi Mehta, seen in the last photo, met Smt Indira Gandhi at Rajkot Airport in 1960
13. This is the tithis of our Kamdar kutum's Nived (Naived). We have to perform Nived on these tithis to get the blessings of Surdhan Bapa. This Nived is very strictly followed according to proportion of food and the weight of food. 14. Read about a true story as to how business was done based on shear trust and honesty in the old days (around 1830- 1840). This story involved the famous Nagar seth of Ahmedavad, Seth Himabhai and Nagar Seth of Jetpur, Seth Nabherambhai Kamdar. Seth Himabhai had honored a hundi of one lakh 50 thousand rupees from Seth Narbherambhai without having personally known him. At present value, it could be equivalent to 300 to 400 crore rupees. The special bond that Seth Himabhai and Seth Narbherambhai left, was revived unknowingly in 1970 at Atul's Factory in Valsad (Gujarat). That story goes a little something like this. Niranjan Mehta, the great grandson of Narbheram Seth, was the captain of the Gujarat Cricket team. (www.coachguru.com )
The host of the match was the local industrialist, Seth Siddarth Kasturbhai Lalbhai. Before the match day, Seth Siddarth's son, Sunil (age 10) was stricken with typhoid. As a great fan of cricket, he wanted to meet, Gujarat's captain, Niranjan Mehta ( www.niranjanmehta.com ) and Maharashtra's captain Chandu Borde. His father, Seth Siddarth, invited Borde and Niranjan Mehta to his home, without him knowing that this Niranjan Mehta is the great grandson of Seth Narbheram (see the picture on the right). This is the same Seth Narbheram that Seth Himabhai visited in 1830 in Jetpur. To these great business families were able to maintain contact by forces unknown. Both families have the longest family recorded history in the world. This is Nautamlal Kamdar and Acharat Ba. This photo could be taken in 1880.
Nautamlal Kamdar has written a letter to his father, Bhagvanjibhai, requesting him to send his tennis racket which was forgotten at home. This letter was written in Jan. 15, 1880. He was studying at Gujarat College, Ahmedabad. This doll was made by Sharda (Amma) when she was 10 years old. It is still with her. Manilal Nautamlal (second from left), two princes of Muli State, and Ramriklal Kamdar (brother-in-law of Manilal Kamdar). The other gentlemen are assistants (wearing turbans).
The middle row are (from left) the sons of Nautamlal: Vajubhai, Manilal, and Mulshankar. The other two gentlemen are not identified. This picture was taken in Kamdar vadi in Jetpur in 1920. Manilal (in center, sitting) at Ferguson College in Pune. 1924. If anyone knows the other gentlemen in the picture, please contact us. Family in Mumbai: Ketoo Desai (daughter of Malini), Anibhen (grand-daughter of Dr. P. J. Mehta, Nalini Desai (daughter of Manilal), Shardabhen (wife of Manilal), Appabhai (grandson of Dr. P. J. Mehta), Hasmukh Chokshi (Manilal's Sister's Son), Pallavi Mehta (daughter of Manilal)
Dhirendra (in front center) with royal family of Muli could be 1940 Nautamlal Kamdar (4th from the left) and Mulshankar (second from the left) attending a marriage in Muli. Nautamlal with 3 sons in front (from left): Manilal, Vajubhai, and Mulshankar. could be 1930
Niranjan and Atul at the ends, sitting. Pallavi is in the center on the floor. The back row (sitting) is Jyoti. This is the proof of our family's use of astrology. This is Nautamlal Bhagvanji Kamdar's kundli. This was made in 1866. We are looking for some one who knows Pali to help us translate this text into Gujarati and English. This is a street in Rangoon in early 20th century. Mogul Street
Another shot of Rangoon, early 20th century Last living sibling of Manilal Nautamlal is Vanibhen (farthest left). She married into M.U. Mehta family of Morbi. They were vaqils in South Africa. Here she is seen with grand-daughters of Manilal (Anjali and Riddhi), and her son Rohit and wife Devyani. Kamdar family women were very progressive as early as in the 1920s and 1930s. As seen in the photograph, Motiba (wife of Chamanlal Bhagvanji Mehta (Kamdar)) and Savita Kaki took part in the Freedom Movement and went to jail. In this picture you can see them sitting on the bottom right is Motiba and in the center is Savita Kaki (wife of Gijubhai Mansing Kamdar). Gijubhai was also very popular in Madras as a social worker.
In these pictures you can see Bhagvanji Narbheram Mehta (Kamdar) in his stately order. In these pictures you can see Bhagvanji Narbheram Mehta (Kamdar) in his stately order. Here is Subhadra Jyotindra Doshi. She is the grandaughter of Nautamlal Mehta. And she is the daughter of Kashiben. In this picture she is seen with Tenzing Norgay, the first to reach the top of Mount Everest.

Here is the picture of Bhagvanji Narbheram Mehta (Kamdar.) He is in the center. This picture was taken around 1860. This is the most interesting picture. It is rarely seen anywhere. Mahatma Gandhi is sitting with Chiang Kai-shek. He was the first leader of independent Taiwan and promoter of capitalism. In this picture, Gandhiji is playing with Nautamlal Mehta's grandson, Appa. Appa was the grandson of Dr. P.J. Mehta son of Gandhiji's favorite daughter, Manjula. Manjula was the daughter of Nautamlal Mehta. Later Appa became a doctor and he taught in Mumbai, India. His birth name was Indrajit and this name was given by Mahatma Gandhi himself. Appa (Indrajit) died very peacefully in Mumbai on May 14, 2006 at the age of 70.


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